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Disclaimer and a short weekly update

1 April 2013

I saw this on a few other TGC blogs and thought it was a good idea to add:

Please note that all opinions and understandings posted here are my own and in no way represent the State Department of the United States. IREX and Teachers for Global Classrooms are not in any way responsible for the opinions expressed here.

As usual, I had hoped to do more with this blog over our spring break, but I wound up spending time sleeping, running, and spending time with family. Priorities, priorities! Anyway, while my family and I celebrated Easter this week, Hindus in India and around the world celebrated Holi, the Festival of Colors, which comes at the start of spring and commemorates the victory of good over evil, embodied by the survival of Prahlada in spite of the efforts of his father, Hiranyakashipu, to kill him. Instead, the father’s demon sister, Holika, died.

Laurie Tanner, my TGC colleague from nearby Crystal Lake Middle School, attended a Holi festival here in Broward County. WE have a significant Caribbean presence in this part of the country, and many Caribbean immigrants trace their lineage back to India. Suffice to say there was a lot of fun and a lot of colored powder thrown around. I don’t know if Laurie has a blog up, but as soon as she does, I’ll link to the photos here.

UPDATED April 30: Here’s a link to Laurie’s blog.


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