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One more TIME

30 April 2013

A great quote from Linda Darling-Hammond in a Washington Post, er, post: “As recently as 2009, a MetLife study indicated that 68% of educators had more than an hour per week to engage in structured collaboration with colleagues to improve student learning.  By 2012, only 48% had an hour or more per week for this essential work. In what professional field can practice improve if most practitioners don’t have even an hour a week to work together collaboratively?”

Read the whole article here.


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  1. Julia Perlowski permalink

    Too right! The most fruitful creative times I spend is in the company of other teachers. Currently, I am collaborating with a wonderful teacher from India and one from Poland on a book of stories by young people about their identities in light of their cultures. Wicked hard work…but yielding lots of ideas as I think about our school as a “global enterprise”.

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