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Safe in Delhi

26 July 2013

Just a quick note that I arrived in Delhi last night from Jorhat. It seemed that every cow in Jorhat had decided to sit in the road on the way to the airport, but we made our flight with time to spare, had no problem with the switch in Guwahati, and had a filling snack on the flight to Delhi, which is so large and so new that even the cab driver got lost on the way to the hotel. I felt a little sorry for the guy, an unsmiling Sikh with a light purple turban and a gray beard. He must have asked a dozen people on the way over here. Apparently the name of the hotel is different on the sign than it is on the address we have. Plus the address doesn’t provide much descriptive information (what the heck does “Sector 29, Plot 358” mean anyway? Google-map it and let me know what you come up with).

I don’t suppose we’ll be seeing much of Delhi. We debrief from our various journeys in a conference room and set off for Agra in the afternoon. All I can tell you about Delhi is that it seems to be full of big buildings, government, and people trying to get somewhere, even if it means walking down the middle of a tollway in the face of oncoming traffic. The only animal to cross our path looked like a stray dog, although it was hard to tell in the dark evening.

The hotel is very, very nice, with a modern restaurant bar in haute design, two spray nozzles in the shower (one hand held), and a powerful air conditioner, but everything has its price. I mean that literally—this internet connection is Rs100 (almost US$2) for an hour and I’m worried how much they’ll charge for the bottled water next to my bed I used for this morning’s instant coffee.



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