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Back in the USA

29 July 2013

I finally arrived at FLL last night, after a 36-hour trip that started with the bus ride from the hotel in Delhi. The 48 hours before that were another series of plane rides and bus rides, interrupted by tours of the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort, plus a six-hour debrief in a conference room in Delhi.

It’s nice not having anywhere to go. After three weeks away, the U. S. is a new experience. I first began marveling after getting out of customs in Houston. (Smell that pizza! Look at that burger!) The 24 hours afterwards, when I wasn’t sleeping, continued the marvels. (The road is so wide and so smooth! And you never have to dodge a cow or goat! The coffee smelled amazing this morning. And then the smell, sound, and sight of steak sizzling on the grill pan–wow!)

In the next two weeks, I hope to be working on the rest of the pages in this project. I’m going through my photos and looking to steal others, and will be revising some of the posts from the past three weeks so they’ll have more visuals and–in some cases–accurate information. Any feedback and advice you have will be appreciated.

Until the next adventure …



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