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Assessment tools, international project-based learning opportunities, standards for global education

6 September 2013

Another multi-week gap between posts, but it’s been productive on the global education front. I’ve updated three of the tabs above, so take a look and let me know if you think something should be changed or added: Assessment Tools, Int’l PBL Opportunities, and Updated Standards for Glob. Ed.

Our magnet coordinator offered me a Flip video camera to send to Rathindra, my host teacher in Jorhat, India, as a means of having our students communicate with each other asynchronously. In my previous post I had mentioned that it would be hard to communicate live due to the 9.5-hour time difference. I’m hoping he gets the camera by the end of this week! I made a short video of my newspaper class, so now I have to figure out if I can send that through ePals or put it up on Picasa for him and his students to access.

There is quite a lot happening at my school dealing with global education, and the newspaper production class has decided to make that a big part of our next issue (whenever it is–yeah, we need money). I also have my aide typing up the stories the students at KVAFS Jorhat wrote so we can work on laying them out and creating a special version of our newspaper for them.

Sometimes I get to sleep too–ha!


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