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Whew! Done … for now

13 September 2013

I completed all the pages in this website and sent the necessary paperwork to the TGC team at IREX. So there is a nice feeling of accomplishment, even though I know the work here is not done and never will be. I know I will continue to post things here related to global education, and I know I will be listing more resources on the other pages as I find them. And I hope to be posting your comments as well–so please click on that “Leave a comment” link when you’re done reading this!

I am rereading Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, and it’s an entirely different novel to me, mainly because I didn’t get half the allusions to South Asian cultures and history that I get now. I just finished the chapter in which Saleem recognizes he has telepathic powers and can get inside the minds of anyone in India. This time, I got that this event occurs parallel to the reorganization of the Indian states along linguistic lines in 1956. So oddly enough (well, not that odd for a Rushdie novel), Saleem identifies himself with “All-India Radio” at a time when the country was defining itself by its differences.

OK, class, compare and contrast Midnight’s Children with James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Discuss!


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  1. Judy Carruth permalink

    Almost there. You are an inspiration:)

    • Dr. Shipe permalink

      Is your capstone the same link as your blog, Judy?

  2. Gavin permalink

    Cool site Dr.Shipe I want to get this book now, Is it at Barnes and noble o did you get it from India?
    Oh and have you ever read The Principia Discordia or the illuminatis triology?

  3. Gavin permalink

    Seriously my keyboard is bad, You get it though.

  4. Dr. Shipe permalink

    Thanks, Gavin. I had a copy of _Midnight’s Children_ already, but I’m sure you can get it from BN or Amazon.

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