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17 August 2014

Tomorrow I start my first day at school for the new school year. But 58 million children around the world will not have that first day this year. A World at School is an international nonprofit group seeking to ensure every child around the world realizes his/her right to go to school. Visit their site here: perhaps a good opportunity for some global project-based learning in your classroom.

This article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review describes four schools (two in India, one in South Africa, and one in North Carolina) building entrepreneurial skills in their students.

The White House asked students from around the country to make films explaining the importance of technology in education. Sixteen were selected to be screened at the White House, and you can watch those 16 here.

I’ll admit I’m a bit behind on this, but James Mulhern, an AP English Language & Composition teacher from Atlantic Technical School here in Broward County, Florida, has put together, on his excellent website, a good list of links related to globalization and technology that can support your curriculum.

Teachers in the United States spend 80 percent of their time teaching, 20 percent planning. The average in the OECD is 67 percent teaching. But here’s a report on 17 high-performing and fast-improving schools where an important part of their culture is increasing time to plan and collaborate to 40 percent.

The only short film to win the Academy Award for best screenplay has no words and was made in France. It’s 34 minutes long, and it can be used as a basis for a variety of classroom discussion topics at all grade levels. If your school has YouTube access, you can watch The Red Balloon.



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