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Liberty, equality, fraternity

18 November 2015

Those of you of a certain age know that one of the biggest tests of faith you can have is to explain tragedy to a child. This week schoolteachers across France–and anywhere else in the democratic world–face that test. The Guardian reports on what the French education minister is doing to help.

With the controversy over whether to accept the huge numbers of migrants fleeing Syria, the OECD published a study claiming that the number of migrants in a school system does not lower the school’s performance. The study does point out, however, that some countries do a much better job than others in helping migrant students have a sense of belonging.

Staying in a war-torn country often means sacrificing a child’s education. More and more, modern warfare involves schools, including using them as military bases or indoctrination centers. Former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown wants the international community to do something.

Finally, what’s an global education blog post that doesn’t pose this question: “What would Finland do?”? According to this study, show empathy–it works.


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