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Who wants to be a teacher?

29 February 2016

These days, teachers don’t encourage others to become teachers. That’s not just me talking, that’s a statistical reality based on a recent Georgia Department of Education survey (that’s Georgia in the Deep South of the United States, not the former Soviet republic). In this post, Tim Elmore points to four reasons why, and eight suggestions to turn things around.

Of course, here at Globalcitizenshipe, we strive to find a global connection for everything, and we found one for this. According to a recent PISA survey, kids around the world are not interested in becoming teachers, but the percentage does vary by country. The United States is below the OECD average, but then again so is Finland–seen by many observers as a very successful system where teachers are aptly rewarded and which should be the focus of U.S. reform. The top five? Turkey, Korea, Indonesia, Ireland, Luxembourg, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Poland, and the Netherlands. Also, girls were twice as likely to say they wanted to be a teacher than boys, and those who wanted to be teachers were generally less competent (according to PISA tests) in reading and math.

Rather than end this post on downer, here’s a link to Stephen Hawking announcing the top 10 finalists for the $1 million Global Teacher Prize.



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