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Broward Global Education Symposium

March 21, 2014
Pompano Beach High School

Broward Global Education Symposium agenda



Principal Hudson Thomas welcomes attendees (below) to Pompano Beach High School.


What is global education?


Tina Stoklosa, English teacher at Cypress Bay High School and U. S. Teachers Alumni, describes the fundamentals of global education. See her Prezi here.

Linking education and global employment skills


Brian Cunningham, president of J Strategies, describes the LEEO Project, a project-based-learning program combining technology skills with “soft” skills like communication, problem-solving, and teamwork to prepare students for the 21st century. Cunningham believes “technology extends our abilities to change the world,” yet most students are part of a “generation with ‘faux’ technology skills.” Therefore, it is important to teach students the skills necessary for the changing world of work in the 21st century: less resources, more unsupervised and virtual, 24-7 access and accountability, collaborative, globalized, and requiring specific “soft” and “hard” skills. See his presentation here.

Local businesses connect globally: how students can prepare


Sandy McDonald, director of the Broward County Office of Economic and Small Business Development, describes the huge influence of international trade on the local economy and the skills students need to prepare. McDonald’s office works with local businesses to teach them the soft skills needed to interact with other cultures. See his presentation here.

Foreign consulates provide window to world



Two officials from foreign consulates in Miami visited to describe their home countries’ education systems and exchange programs for teachers and students: (above, top) Valerie Drake, Cultural Attache, Consulate General of France in Miami; (above) Andrés Ruiz, Consul of Community Affairs and Press, Consulate General of Mexico in Miami. Two websites to look at for French cultural exchanges are and Learn about Mexico here.

Connecting global education with Florida Standards and Common Core


Laurie Tanner, language arts teacher at Crystal Lake Middle School and U. S. Teachers Alumni, explains how global education fits neatly into the Florida Standards and Common Core nationwide. See her Prezi here and use her one-page handout connecting global competences and Common Core standards.

Tips for organizing student trips


Jill Narus, Intern Assistant Principal at Pompano Beach High School, describes how she and others organized a spring break trip for 16 students in Sweden. Read the students’ blog here.

Professional development travel opportunities for teachers


Julia Perlowski (above), drama/reading teacher at Pompano Beach High School and U. S. Teachers Alumni, and Jeanne Pellegrino (not pictured), English teacher at Plantation High School and former Fulbright scholar describe the multitude of opportunities for teachers to travel. See Perlowski’s handout and Pellegrino’s presentation.

 How to incorporate global competencies into your curriculum

The final session was created by the attendees. Teachers divided according to subject area and brainstormed ways to use their curriculum to support the four global competencies:

  • investigating the world
  • recognizing other perspectives
  • communicating ideas globally
  • taking action

Here is what they came up with:


We had fun too!


A study at the symposium shows that three out of four science teachers are happy!


Whoa, look at these free goodies!


Thanks for letting me borrow your tie, Mr. Thomas!


–Est-ce que vous aimez Pompano Beach High School, Monsieur Garcia?
–Oui, Madame Drake, j’aime beaucoup Pompano Beach High School!


We get lunch too??!! Mangiamo!


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